Nancy C.

“I have known John as my attorney for over 10 years.

John’s representation started when my long term disability benefits were not being paid by my employer’s insurance carrier. John and his staff rolled up their sleeves and put together very impressive documentation of my illness and rights under my policy and Colorado law to recover what had been justly promised to me. John is very knowledgeable about the law, and persisted in efforts on my behalf, until he succeed in making my insurance carrier pay these benefits. In addition to providing extensive documentation in a strong and persuasive format, John also appeared with me during interviews from the adjuster at my long term disability carrier. Additionally, John assisted me in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits.

Almost every year since we won the initial battle, in one form or another, John has assisted me when my benefits were challenged on a seemingly an annual basis. I know I can count on John to continue his efforts on my behalf.

I would strongly and without hesitation recommend John’s as an attorney to anyone. He is honest, fair and diligent”

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