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“Almost a year ago, I was faced with a garnishment that depleted $1684.00 from a savings account. A creditor had filed a judgment against me that I was unaware of because it was served at a previous address where I no longer lived and given to the homeowner. Since I didn’t know about the judgment and didn’t have an opportunity to address it during the required time frame, a garnishment was issued. Needless to say, the loss caused my mortgage payment and otherfinancial obligations to be missed. Fortunately, my mortgage company was willing to work with me after I explained the situation and allowed me to enter into a repayment plan. John took over my case after I was referred to him by another attorney. He addressed the situation by filing several motions with the court and ultimately got the garnishment against me reversed and after a month was able to get the money that was taken re-deposited back into my savings account. It was an immense relief and I can’t say enough about John’s outstanding expertise and diligence and keeping me updated throughout the whole ordeal. I was and still am very grateful that he was able to obtain a quick resolution on this case.”

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