Business Litigation

Business litigation includes almost all types of disputes that may arise in the business context. For example, a breach of contract, partnership/joint venture disputes, business torts, class actions, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, civil RICO claims, and shareholder issues are all examples of business disputes.

The practices of business litigation attorneys are wide-ranging that involve operation, reorganization, formation, capitalization, and dissolution of all kinds of business entities. You can get a large number of legal services from business litigation attorneys in Louisville, CO including,

  • Assistance in selecting and forming the most suitable type of business organization
  • Negotiation
  • Increasing capital through private and public offerings of securities
  • Drafting and reviewing all types of business agreements and contracts
  • Protecting secrets of the trade and other sensitive proprietary information
  • Advising the directors, individual officers, partners, and shareholders about their duties and rights they are legally entitled to
  • Assistance in every aspect of purchase, merger, sale, reorganization, consolidation, or dissolution of commercial entities

Most clients of business litigation attorneys include existing and recently established sole proprietorships, limited and general liability corporations and companies. There is a wide-range of business entities including a small enterprise owned by only one individual or a large publicly-traded corporation. Most people who seek help of a business litigation attorney in Louisville, CO are individual officers, partners, directors, and shareholders in different business organizations. They seek advice and guidance in exercising and performing the legal rights and responsibilities they have.Business litigation attorneys are specialized in providing assistance and legal advice to all types of small businesses, and their sole proprietors i.e. the owners or operators. Those who have substantial experience and expertise in this area can guide you better through your business endeavors. Business litigation attorneys also represent large public and private organizations and also assist them in making compliance with applicable securities and corporation laws.

We understand that your business is very important to you. That’s why we are dedicated to giving you prompt and effective legal representation, predicting probable outcomes, and coming up with effective strategies for litigation as well as determining the appropriate resources needed for each. If the situation requires and the parties are open to alternative solutions we may appropriate opportunities for mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes. Colorado business litigation attorney John Dougherty of the Colorado law firm of Dougherty Law Firm, LLC has successfully litigated business litigation disputes for clients in state, federal and appellate courts. We represent clients in breach of contract disputes, as well as in matters involving claims of breach of fiduciary duty, civil conspiracy, civil theft, fraud, the theft of trade secrets and the violation of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act.

Our business litigation lawyer in Louisville, CO is highly experienced in this area of law. Our business attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in all kinds of business litigation matters, ranging from basic breach of contract cases to the more complex multi-jurisdictional disputes. Our business litigation attorney in Boulder County, Colorado understands that when you come to our office with a problem, it needs to be resolved immediately. Our business litigation lawyer in Colorado will make sure that we offer our services as business litigators and counselors to help the client develop a solution to the problem they are facing.

The extensive knowledge and experience of our business litigation lawyers in Louisville, CO enhances our ability to offer business counseling and to craft solutions that arise out of disputes. Our knowledge and experience allows us to quickly learn how markets and industries work and our experience has helped us enhance our ability to offer business counseling and to craft solutions that arise out of business disputes. Call our office to seek legal assistance immediately from our business litigation lawyer in Colorado. Our business litigation attorney in Boulder County, CO will go over your case with you in detail before coming up with a plan to resolve your business dispute.

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