Client Testimonials

“John’s reputation says it all: he is experienced, thorough, honest and fair. He gives an accurate assessment of one’s case before there is an investment of time or money but when his skills are needed to protect his client’s interests he is efficient, prompt and attentive. His experience and depth of knowledge give him a distinct edge over his competition. John is trustworthy and kind, with the rare ability to explain legalese in plain English. I highly recommend and endorse John Dougherty without hesitation.”

Jeni M.

“John was exceptional. He was respectful, diligent and had excellent follow thru. I would recommend John as someone who truly cares to do his very best for the client. John is a very knowledgeable, thorough and respectful attorney who is adept at leadership, guidance and support.”

Christina K.

“John was extremely knowledgeable and treated me with respect and dignity the entire way through. I felt extremely comfortable knowing that he would keep me in touch every step of the way. My experience was great. I thank John so much for taking on my case and doing exactly what he said he was going to do the entire way through. I trusted him from day one and continued to trust his expertise every step of the way. John fulfilled every obligation he made to me and went above and beyond doing so. I will continue to recommend John to my associates when in need of a knowledgeable and honest attorney. I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to settle my case in such a timely manner. Thanks John!”

Justin R.

“John gave me an honest assessment of my case and let me decide how to proceed. He kept me informed at all times and was respectful of my decisions based upon his advice. I have known and worked with many attorneys but John is my choice for honest and reliable legal opinions. John can put legalese into plain English and has the experience to know how to pursue a matter economically and quickly.”

Jeanette M.

“John was fantastic! I could not have asked for someone more caring about me and my case. I always felt like he was fighting for me and finding the best answers. He kept me informed when there was new related information. I felt like I was a member of his family that he was fighting for. I couldn’t ask for more! Thank you. Like being a member of his family. He will go above and beyond to help you and constantly communicate with you. I can’t recommend him enough. John went above and beyond to help me. I could not be more appreciative of his services!”

Charissa P.

“John was incredibly helpful. If he was not immediately available he returned my calls promptly. He made me feel like I was his only client. He was a bright spot during some dark circumstances. I would recommend John very highly, I received great advice and service from him. I will definitely contact him again if I have future legal needs!”

Jerry S.

“My husband and I turned to John when we were victims of home remodeling problems, which ultimately resulted in the threat of a mechanic’s lien being filed against our residence. John successfully and efficiently protected our home, resolving the matter to our complete satisfaction.”

Jane R.

“I handed John a very difficult and quite complex foreclosure problem concerning my elderly mother’s home. The problem had originated years before we contacted John, and involved two lawsuits and numerous other legal complications. John attacked the problem head-on. Long story short, not only was my mother able to remain in her home but she was able to obtain a very workable solution to an extremely difficult complex problem involving multiple lenders, investors, and other parties. Through his perseverance and tenacity, John resolved this matter favorably for our family. I highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Wil T.

“‘Impeccable integrity’ are the two best words I can use to describe John’s character. I have known John for 18 years, and was privileged to work with him for five years on the board of a local non-profit organization (he was in the role of board president). I was particularly impressed with the care he demonstrated in every situation, being diplomatic, responsive and thorough – whether in reviewing/writing contracts, consulting on legal, logistics and personnel issues or prioritizing requirements. John can show also his huge heart, and is quick with a joke (often self-directed) to keep everyone at ease. As a leader and friend, John has earned my highest recommendation.”

Cindy K.

“I have known John as my attorney for over 10 years.

John’s representation started when my long term disability benefits were not being paid by my employer’s insurance carrier. John and his staff rolled up their sleeves and put together very impressive documentation of my illness and rights under my policy and Colorado law to recover what had been justly promised to me. John is very knowledgeable about the law, and persisted in efforts on my behalf, until he succeed in making my insurance carrier pay these benefits. In addition to providing extensive documentation in a strong and persuasive format, John also appeared with me during interviews from the adjuster at my long term disability carrier. Additionally, John assisted me in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits.

Almost every year since we won the initial battle, in one form or another, John has assisted me when my benefits were challenged on a seemingly an annual basis. I know I can count on John to continue his efforts on my behalf.

I would strongly and without hesitation recommend John’s as an attorney to anyone. He is honest, fair and diligent”

Nancy C.

“John helped me and got me an excellent resolution to a personal injury case. John handles all the details and got all my bills paid. I would recommend him to anyone who has any type of personal injury”

Cress H.

“John very patiently helped me sort out a pretty complicated auto accident matter for me. He was patient, available, and worked hard to give me the answers I was looking for. I would recommend him to anyone bringing an auto accident claim.”

Olivia H.

“John’s help was instrumental in sorting out and resolving a multiparty real estate dispute. John was very conscientious and always available to ask questions and to guide me through the process. I would recommend him highly to anyone with a real estate problem.”

Maria C.

“I have hired John on multiple occasions as local counsel to defend lawsuits brought against my clients. John has obtained an excellent result for my clients. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding civil procedure, rules of evidence and discovery. I have found him to be highly ethical, and very personable. I would recommend him highly, to any client or attorney need co-counsel in Colorado.”

Otto B.

“John is a thorough, thoughtful and skilled attorney who really cares about his clients. His experience shows in the way he deals with everyone in each case from the client, the client’s family to court and opposing counsel. John is professional and trustworthy; traits sorely needed in today’s complex legal field.”

Nancy H.

“John’s reputation says it all: he is experienced, thorough, honest and fair. His clients know he will give them an accurate assessment of their case before they invest time and money but when his skills are needed to protect a client’s interests he is efficient and prompt. John is trustworthy and kind, with the rare ability to explain legalese in plain English. As a paralegal, I have worked alongside John many times over the years and I highly recommend him and endorse him without hesitation.”

Jeanette R.

“John successfully defended us against the protection orders being made permanent, which, among other things, would have required us to sell our house and move and resulted in the loss of my husband’s security clearance and likely his job with the Federal Government. Without John’s professional abilities, we would have lost everything. John also successfully petitioned the Court for our attorney’s fees. We are grateful to John for prevailing on our behalf.”

Donna F.

“Almost a year ago, I was faced with a garnishment that depleted $1684.00 from a savings account. A creditor had filed a judgment against me that I was unaware of because it was served at a previous address where I no longer lived and given to the homeowner. Since I didn’t know about the judgment and didn’t have an opportunity to address it during the required time frame, a garnishment was issued. Needless to say, the loss caused my mortgage payment and otherfinancial obligations to be missed. Fortunately, my mortgage company was willing to work with me after I explained the situation and allowed me to enter into a repayment plan. John took over my case after I was referred to him by another attorney. He addressed the situation by filing several motions with the court and ultimately got the garnishment against me reversed and after a month was able to get the money that was taken re-deposited back into my savings account. It was an immense relief and I can’t say enough about John’s outstanding expertise and diligence and keeping me updated throughout the whole ordeal. I was and still am very grateful that he was able to obtain a quick resolution on this case.”

Stella T.

“John represented me in a dispute with a creditor. He was able to promptly negotiate a settlement for me on favorable terms that I could live with, and kept me from having to take more drastic action to rectify the problem. Almost nine months after John’s work was completed, the creditor made an additional, unlawful effort to collect the debt I had finished paying – John came to the rescue. He returned my call within hours and had the problem completely straightened out by the next business day. I would highly recommend John’s legal services to anyone!”

Robin E.

“I recently retained John to advise me regarding my rights concerning a foreclosure and eviction action brought against me, and my rights under law. My situation was very complicated, and I did not seek John’s advice until late in the process. At all times, John was extremely kind, responsive and knowledgeable concerning my situation. John’s follow-up was prompt and meticulous. He went to great lengths to explain the process and all options available to me, and ultimately assisted me in choosing the bet path. I would certainly retain John again to advise me regarding any legal problem I might have, and would, without reservation, recommend his services to anyone I know.”

Chequita P.

“John’s advice regarding a dispute with one of my creditors was excellent – I really appreciated his work.”

Tom G.

“I was referred to John from a mutual friend who highly recommended his ability as a seasoned lawyer. In my lifetime, I have had experiences with other attorneys, which usually resulted in disappointment and feelings of frustration and as a result I felt as if I was not a priority. My experience working with John was the polar opposite. He implemented an open door policy where I was able to contact him by email, text, phone or meet in person. He worked diligently on my charges and covered every possible detail and outcome. Through his hard work, he was able to negotiate with the DA and the Judge for the best outcome I could have had. Without John’s expertise my legal ramifications would have been devastating. Personally, I am extremely impressed with John’s professionalism, character and his tenacity for defending his client (myself) within the confines of the law. John has my total respect and future referrals to persons who are in need of an attorney that possess all the qualities that clients want and need from a lawyer to represent them with integrity and respect.”

Heather N.

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