How Are Commercial Vehicle Accidents More Complex Than Passenger Vehicle Accidents?

Commercial vehicle accidents are more complex than passenger vehicle accidents in part because they usually involve more than one defendant. In addition, there are a lot of regulations in terms of how to safely operate a commercial vehicle that conducts business across state lines, such as cargo and trailer weight restrictions. If there is snow or ice on the roadways, then the vehicle operator will be subject to both state and federal-level standards and laws. Due to the fact that commercial vehicle operators carry large loads, they have a higher duty to operate those vehicles safely. Considering all of these factors, there is a greater level of complexity in commercial vehicle accident cases than passenger vehicle accidents.

What Steps Should Someone Take When They Are Involved In A Commercial Vehicle Accident?

If someone has been involved in a commercial vehicle accident, the first thing they should do is locate an attorney who has experience handling commercial vehicle accidents. This should be done as soon as possible after a collision so that an expert can conduct a thorough examination of the vehicle to identify potential problems with the brakes, lighting system, or safety devices. If the commercial vehicle is damaged badly enough, it will simply be scrapped, which often means that important sources of proof regarding negligence on behalf of the operator or owner of the vehicle will be lost forever. An individual should also seek medical attention for their injuries and avoid making statements to the other party’s insurance company. Our office can be much more helpful to people if we are notified immediately or very soon after a collision occurs.

How Important Are Evidence, Witnesses, And Experts In Commercial Vehicle Accident Cases?

Evidence, witnesses, and experts are extremely important in commercial vehicle accident cases simply because the collisions are generally more complicated. When an accident involves several vehicles, it’s harder for the responding police officers to determine who is at fault for causing the collision, which is why preserving the evidence and contacting a competent expert witness and/or reconstructionist can be extremely important.

What Damages Can Someone Expect To Recover In An Accident Involving A Commercial Vehicle?

The damages that can be recovered in a commercial vehicle accident are the same as those that can be recovered in any accident, which includes economic, non-economic, and physical impairment losses. Commercial vehicles are required to have greater insurance coverage and higher liability limits than individual passenger vehicles due to the fact that they are often owned by larger corporations with assets that need to be protected. In reality, the damages are driven by whatever losses the injured party sustained, but the chances of being able to recover are often greater and the collisions generally lead to more severe injuries than those involving passenger vehicles.

Why Is It Critical To Hire An Attorney Who Has Experience Handling Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

It is critical to hire an attorney who has experience handling commercial vehicle accidents because these cases have unique aspects and involve federal regulations concerning the safety and maintenance of the vehicle. Since there are rules that generally don’t apply to typical passenger-to-passenger cases, it can be extremely valuable to have an attorney who has experience, knows which experts to hire, knows where to find pertinent data, and is familiar with the specific regulations that might apply in any given set of circumstances.

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