What Is Business Litigation?

Business litigation is something that grows out of a disagreement between two or more parties that either are or were in business together.

What Are Some of The Common Reasons for Which Businesses Are Sued?

Businesses are often sued over financial disputes. Sometimes businesses are sued by former employees, former partners, or other people who they might have had a business relationship with. This could be a supplier, vendor or someone else who performed services for a business. For example, I’m representing a woman who owns a recruiting firm. She recruits and places candidates for businesses and currently a particular business has failed to pay her for services rendered. We are trying to help her collect that money.

Another example where a company may be sued would be where shareholders or partners want to dissolve a business or want to buy one partner “out” and there is a dispute as to how much they should pay and what the terms should be of this buyout or dissolution of the entity. Another instance may be where a third party who did shoddy work is demanding payment and the business disputes the demand for payment.

Who Do You Represent in These Cases?

In business litigation matters, I have represented both debtors and creditors. I also represent individuals who have a claim against a business, or businesses defending a claim, or a business trying to get paid on an invoice or something similar. I can represent both sides in these types of disputes.

Do You Work with Both Small and Large Businesses?

Our firm works with both small and large businesses in business litigation matters. I can scale up with attorneys and staff, and other support people to do whatever is necessary. I’ve handled large complicated claims against sizable businesses involving many additional difficult legal issues.

Most often, however, I represent smaller businesses and individuals as well.

Should I Contact an Attorney Beforehand If I Suspect I Will Be Sued?

If you suspect there is going to be some sort of dispute or disagreement with a person or company with which you do business, I can be of maximum benefit the earlier I am involved. A lot of people with smaller businesses will hire me just to do a periodic review of their business. I can help evaluate any concerns that they have currently or something that is festering on the backburner. We can talk about the issues and devise ways to prevent those disputes from becoming larger, more complicated and expensive. If you suspect something it’s always better, and frankly a lot less expensive, if you can head off a dispute before it mushrooms into a lawsuit. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t. I can help a business in either situation.

Essentially, the sooner you come to us, the less expensive it will be than if you wait.

Why Do I Need to Hire A Business Litigation Attorney?

You need someone who knows how businesses operate. I’ve represented large, small, and medium sized businesses and I know the entrepreneurial mindset and how difficult it is frankly, to run a business. I run a business myself—my law firm. I have represented a wide variety of businesses over the years in nearly every industry from banks to finance companies, to real estate agents, real estate firms, oil and gas businesses, mineral and energy businesses, and more. Business litigation is different in some ways from other types of lawsuits because there is the practical aspect of getting the maximum bang for your buck in relation to attorney’s fees. Additionally, if someone knows absolutely nothing about businesses, and nothing about your particular business, the more time they are likely to spend on it and therefore your attorney fees are going to be higher.

In addition to my law degree I have a Master’s degree in business administration and that’s part of the reason why I’ve been so successful with this type of work as an attorney.

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