Do I Need An Attorney To Represent Me In A Business Lawsuit?

There is an old expression that, “Someone who acts as their own attorney has a fool for a client.” This is tempting sometimes, for people who do business. They may be in denial that a dispute is happening, or they just don’t want to spend money on hiring an attorney to defend themselves. That’s all understandable. But one of the roles an attorney plays for his/her client is to provide an objective, outside viewpoint. First and foremost, we are our client’s advocate. When we are presenting ourselves to the public, to the court, or opposing counsel, we are going to vigorously and aggressively advocate our client’s viewpoint to the extent the law allows us to do so. However, in private consultation with our clients, a lot of times we can advise if there is a weakness in their case.

There are many reasons why someone may want to get a case resolved in addition to the ongoing cost of continuing to litigate a matter.

What Are the Ways That I Can Protect My Business from a Lawsuit?

There are several ways you can protect your business from a lawsuit. First, you should have a good insurance package. I work with several different insurance agents. If someone needs their insurance policies reviewed, it’s a good start to ensure they have a good policy in place should they be sued so that they are protected as much as possible. This is to help keep them from having to put their own assets or own funds at risk any more than necessary. Again, the first thing, like a preventive medicine, is to make sure that they’ve got the best possible insurance coverage they can have for any disputes that may arise and that the insurance will assist with.

It’s important to get to the bottom of whatever the dispute is before it becomes a lawsuit. If you, for example, are a business owner and have a disgruntled employee who claims you did things wrong, or you didn’t live up to certain promises, it’s better to get those facts to me upfront. We can evaluate where we are, and we can try to resolve the matter before it grows into a lawsuit. Another thing that is common sense is you should simply be fair in your dealings with everybody to the extent you can. To the extent you can, means it takes two people to have a good business relationship. Sometimes if only one party is fair that’s what leads to the dispute. If you can try to look at the dispute from the other party’s viewpoint, that’s often where an attorney’s role is most valuable because that’s difficult to do. This is true especially if it’s somebody who you think you did treat fairly, yet they disagree with you. It’s very helpful and usually cost-effective to have someone come in and evaluate the situation as early on as possible so that their business is protected from lawsuits. Sometimes lawsuits happen. It is inevitable in businesses if you have been in business for a while and do business with many people. Sometimes people will threaten lawsuits against you and sometimes they will file those suits. At times, there is nothing you can really do but defend yourself in the lawsuit, but the earlier on you come to grips with the idea that this could grow into a bigger issue, the better off you are going to be.

What Sets You and Your Firm Apart in Handling Business Litigation Cases?

I have the experience to properly represent people who are involved in a business dispute. This includes whether it is the plaintiff or defendant, whether it is the claiming party or defending party, and I understand the mindset and the nature of what goes on in businesses and relationships between different people within a business. I’ve handled literally hundreds of business disputes, large and small, in my career and I can bring that to the table for anyone involved in a business dispute. I use those skills and my experience to get the best possible results, whatever the circumstances and facts are in any particular case. I have the experience to be able to state to a client that I’ve done this before and I know how this is likely to pan out, so let’s cut to the chase and get it resolved.

It doesn’t always work. But, you would rather have that experience, knowledge and acumen working for you because it often helps a great deal. That’s what sets me apart in business litigation cases.

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