Do People Generally Underestimate The Personal Injury Claims Process?

People often underestimate the personal injury claims process. They do not really understand that the process involves dealing with an entire industry that is working to minimize their claim. In addition, they will be dealing with a very sophisticated, highly trained and highly experienced representative(s) from the insurance company. If a client contacts the at-fault party’s insurance company prior to retaining our firm, then they could be lured into a false sense of security. An adjuster will often ask for a recorded statement, explaining that it’s routine and just covers some basic questions. While that is accurate to an extent, many people don’t realize that the adjuster’s job is to settle the claim for as little as possible. Adjusters can be very cordial and will often say, “We want to just help you get this case resolved without a whole bunch of hassle.” Unfortunately, what they really mean is that they want to settle the claim for as little as possible and move on to the next case. For those who have never been through it before, the personal injury claims process can be difficult.

What Documents Or Information Should I Have To Assist My Attorney In The Claims Process?

In order to assist an attorney in the claims process, it is recommended that a client provide their attorney as much information as possible regarding their injury. If an auto collision, they should provide their attorney with as much information as they have about their own insurance policy(ies) and, if available, about the other parties involved in the collision. What is especially helpful in an auto collision case, is what is called the Declaration Page – this is a part of the client’s insurance policy which lists the types of coverage the client has, and the dollar limits of their coverage.

If there are photos of the damage to vehicles, or the collision scene, these photos are always helpful.

It is also important to have information from any treatment providers so that the injuries can be assessed.

In an automobile collision case, if a client has the police investigation report he/she should provide it to his/her attorney. The report typically contains important information including contact information of the parties involved, drawings by the police reconstructing how the collision occurred, etc. If a client cannot obtain the police report, the attorney can obtain it for them.

In short, the more information you can provide to your attorney, the faster the attorney can review your claim, make recommendations, and proceed with getting you compensation for your losses. Once an attorney has that information, they can better direct the client on handling the claim. However, if a person does not have any information, they should still meet with an attorney to discuss their case.

The more information a client has access to, the better.

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