What Factors Determine The Viability Of A Personal Injury Claim?

The key factor in determining the viability of a personal injury claim is a willingness to work with and cooperate with our office. We cannot change the basic facts of the accident or the type of injury that someone has suffered, but if we have that information then we will be able to give clients helpful suggestions in terms of how to best present their claims. While it is important for clients to follow our advice, it is perhaps even more important that they follow the advice of their treating providers. Sometimes people get discouraged or distracted and decide to stop getting treatment. I understand that people are busy and have other things going on in life, but they need to understand that they have to work with us and grasp the importance of the claim. An insurance carrier will seize upon the idea that if a person is not following their doctor’s orders, then they are not really injured, not injured severely, or they just do not care about their health; these are not positive perceptions of a plaintiff. We cannot misrepresent or fabricate evidence, but there are ways to put our best foot forward, so to speak.

How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Typically Take To Get Resolved?

A personal injury case that does not go to trial can take six months to a year to get resolved. If a case goes all the way to court, then it can take anywhere from one year to 18 months to get resolved. Sometimes there are delays beyond everyone’s control. For example, the court can postpone a trial or other factors can lead to postponements. If one side or the other does not agree with the trial court’s outcome, then the case could be appealed. We obviously work very hard to resolve claims as quickly as possible, but there are factors beyond our control. I tell people that they should take the same actions regardless of how long the case takes to get resolved. I am also careful to avoid underestimating how much time a case will take.

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